What We Do

Sunshine Auto ClubIf your idea of paradise involves a beautiful classic or muscle car, we welcome you at Sunshine Auto Club! 

At Sunshine Auto Club, we share a love for two of the greatest things in life: Great cars, and great weather. And in our home of Las Vegas, Nevada, we have plenty of both to go around! (OK, we could always add another beautiful car to our collection…)

logoFor the past decade, Sunshine Auto Club has been bringing together some of the most skilled — and interested — car enthusiasts of Sin City and beyond. We welcome all car enthusiasts in the area (or from far away!) to join us. Whether you’re into the muscle cars of the 1960s and 70s, the more modern sports cars, or even the glory of the Model Ts and other classic cars, chances are there’s another member of Sunshine Auto Club who shares your passion and is ready to “talk shop” with you. And when you’re having an issue with a car that you can’t quite solve yourself, our club members can offer a wealth of information to help you get it resolved. It’s like having an army of car lovers and mechanics at your disposal whenever you need them.

To that end, why not visit our Membership page and find out how you can formally join our club?